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      Wenzhou Darong Textile Instrument Co., Ltd. is:

      Standing Director Unit of China Textile Machinery Industry Association (CTMA)

      Deputy Director Unit of Instrument Professional Committee of China Textile Machinery Industry Association

      Member unit of Textile Metrology Technical Committee of China Textile Industry Association

      Member unit of the Basic Standards Branch of the National Textile Standards Committee (TC209/SC1)

      Member unit of the Standards and Testing Committee of China Textile Engineering Society

      AATCC Corporate Member

      ASTM corporate members, etc.

      Has drafted or participated in the drafting of more than 20 standards such as GB FZ JJF
      It has its own municipal R&D center, a full set of production and R&D equipment, Darei textile laboratory, and a database of more than 10,000 high-end customer experts
      And has cooperative relations with more than 20 domestic universities and research institutions
      Can publish papers in five relevant Chinese core journals across the country
      Based on this platform, we are willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad in various forms of standard drafting, research topics, and project cooperation in terms of advanced testing methods and technologies, cutting-edge textile testing instruments, etc.!