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    3. YG(B)026GC Electronic fabric strength testing machine

      ( Software copyright (2012 SR029273) Patent: CN201520303206.1 )

      Relevant standards

      • GB/T3923.1/2
      • FZ/T70006
      • ISO13934.1/2
      • ASTM D5034
      • ASTM D5587
      • GB/T 13772.1/2/3
      • FZ/T01085
      • IS013935.1/2
      • ASTM D5035
      • ASTM D3936
      • GB/T8687
      • FZ/T01030
      • ISO4606
      • ASTM D2261
      • JIS L1093
      • GB/T3917
      • FZ/T70007
      • IS09073.3/4
      • ASTM D4964
      • BS DIN
      Scope of application
      Used for various textile tensile, tear, bursting, and fixed load at specified elongation,? flexibility, suture slip, stripping, such as mechanical property test,?and is widely used in rubber, plastic, leather, metal, wire, paper, packaging, building?materials, petrochemical, electrical, geotechnical materials, such as tensile, compression,? bending, adhesive, stripping, tear, bursting strength, elongation and creep test,? the deformation measurement